Q: What is a Flavored Malt Beverage Specialty? Is it different than a regular Flavored Malt Beverage?

A: The method of production, while similar in concept, varies significantly from the production of other Flavored Malt Beverages and beer. The taste is primarily derived from added flavors, rather than from malt or other materials commonly used in fermentation, which are typically removed. This allows us to give you an unmatched taste in every Drink Like A Boss can.

Q. Why Drink Like A BOSS?

A. Made like no other Flavored Malt Beverage Specialty through our unique brewing process, Drink Like A Boss is the beverage you’ve been looking for, all in a 23.5oz. can. When all the competitors fail to deliver that taste that you crave, take charge and be a BOSS. It’s not only a beverage, it’s a lifestyle.

Q: What ABV (alcohol by volume) is Drink Like A Boss?

A: Drink Like A Boss is available in 12% and 14% ABVs, depending on where you live.

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